F1 (BT) – Chapter 1 MCQ’s (Business organisations and their stakeholders) – ACCA

This is ACCA F1 (BT/FBT) Business and Technology MCQs.

These MCQs are designed in a way that students could better understand the exam format and get used to practice online. This approach will reduce exam stress and enable students to prepare better.

We request the students, Not to solve the MCQs until they have finished the chapter.

All the questions are compulsory, so do not skip any.


Course: ACCA
Fundamental Level: Knowledge, FIA
Subject: Business And Technology
Paper: F1 – BT
Chapter: Business organizations and their stakeholders
Chapter Number: 1 of the Practice and Exam Kit
Syllabus Area: A – The business organization, its stakeholders, and the external environment
Questions Type: MCQs
Exam Section: Section A

Number of the Questions

These MCQs Test consist of 8 Questions that covers the Chapter 1, Business organizations and their stakeholders of ACCA F1 (BT) Business and Technology Module.


These MCQs have a timer. Students have to finish the Test within the given time period so Students can get used to finishing the Exam within the Time Deadline.
As in ACCA Exam, there are 1.8 minutes per mark. So each 2 marks question have 3.6 minutes to complete.
The Test has 8 questions, so Students have total 15 minutes to complete the Test.


Students can see their result at the end of the test. Further, the correct and wrong questions. Moreover, the explanation of wrong questions.

Types of Questions

MCQs: Choose one from the given options.
Multiple choice: Choose all those answers which seems to you correct/ or incorrect, as per the requirement of the question. Keep your eye on the wording “(select all those which are correct/ or incorrect)“.
Drop down: Select from the list provided.
Type numbers: Type your answer in numbers as per the requirement of the question.

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F1 - Chapter 1 - Business organisations and their stakeholders

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Which of the following groups may be considered to be stakeholders in the activities of a nuclear power station?

(i) The government
(ii) Environmental pressure groups
(iii) Employees
(iv) Local residents

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ADB is a business which is owned by its workers. The workers share the profits and they each have a vote on how the business is run.

Which of the following should be used to describe ADB?

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What is the term given to the idea that the combined output of a number of individuals working together will exceed that of the same individuals working separately?

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Which of the following organisations would rely most heavily on value for money indicators and efficiency rather than information on performance and profitability?

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An organisation is owned and run by central government agencies. The organisation should be described as which of the following statements?

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'An organisation is a social arrangement which pursues collective .........................., which controls its own performance and which has a boundary separating it from its environment.'

Which of the following words completes this sentence appropriately?

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The term secondary stakeholders describes which group of stakeholders?

8 / 8

Which of the following statements is true?

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