F1 (BT) – Chapter 10 MCQ’s (The role of accounting) – ACCA

These are ACCA F1 (BT/FBT) Business and Technology MCQs for Chapter; The role of accounting.

These MCQs are designed in a way that students could better understand the exam format and get used to practice online. This approach will reduce exam stress and enable students to prepare better.

We request the students, Not to solve the MCQs until they have finished the entire chapter “The role of accounting”.

All the questions are compulsory, so do not skip any.


Course: ACCA
Fundamental Level: Knowledge, FIA
Subject: Business And Technology
Paper: F1 – BT
Chapter: The role of accounting
Chapter Number: 10 of the Practice and Exam Kit; and 14 and 15 of the Study Text
Syllabus Area: C – Accounting and reporting systems, technology, compliance and controls
Questions Type: MCQs
Exam Section: Section A

Number of the Questions

These MCQs Test consist of 27 Questions that covers the Chapter; The role of accounting of ACCA F1 (BT) Business and Technology Module.


These MCQs have a deadline. Students have to finish the Test within the given time period so Students can get used to finishing the Exam in time.

As in ACCA Exam, there are 1.8 minutes per mark. So each 2 marks question have 3.6 minutes to complete.

This Test includes some MCQs that worth 2 marks and some worth 1 Mark. We therefore giving an average time to complete the Test.

This Test has 27 questions, so Students have total 54 minutes to complete the Test.


Students can see their result at the end of the test. Further, the correct and wrong questions. Moreover, the explanation of wrong questions.

Types of Questions

MCQs: Choose one from the given options.
Multiple choice: Choose all those answers which seems to you correct/ or incorrect, as per the requirement of the question. Keep your eye on the wording “(select all those which are correct/ or incorrect)“.
Drop down: Select from the list provided.
Type numbers: Type your answer in numbers as per the requirement of the question.

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F1 - Chapter 10 - Part C Test - MCQs and MTQs

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Three of the following are outputs of a payroll system, and one is an input to the system. Which is the input?

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There is a need for co-ordinated information flow between sections and departments in accounting management. To which of the following should the receivables ledger section give information about overdue debts?

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Which of the following user groups of financial and accounting information are likely to need, and have access to, this information most?

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The preparation and filing of accounts by limited companies each year is required by which of the following?

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Legally binding rules relating to the disclosure and presentation of financial statements are set down in which of the following?

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Which function in an organisation is responsible for ensuring that only properly authorised purchases which are necessary for the business are made?

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A ....................................... is a program which deals with one particular part of a computerised business accounting system.

Which of the following terms correctly completes this definition?

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Office Automation Systems are designed mainly to increase the ....................................... of data and information workers.

Which word correctly completes this sentence.

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All the following statements, except one, are examples of the advantages that a computer-based accounting system used by a management accountant has over a manual system.

Which statement is the exception?

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International Financial Reporting Standards are issued by which of the following organisations?

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Which of the following statements about data security is NOT true?

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In a typical finance function, preparation of budgets and budgetary control would usually be the responsibility of which of the following roles?

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Which of the following does company law require a statement of financial position to give?

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To whom should the internal audit department of an organisation report?

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Which of the following is an aim of the control system relating to accounts payable and purchases?

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Capture F1 (BT) - Chapter 10 MCQ's (The role of accounting) - ACCA Business Students Platform

What element of a database system is represented by the question mark in the above diagram?

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....................................... Systems pool data from internal and external sources and make information available to senior managers, for strategic, unstructured decision-making.

Which word or phrase correctly completes this sentence?

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All of the following, with one exception, are areas in which an integrated accounting software package has advantages compared to a series of separate (stand-alone) dedicated programs. Which is the exception?

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Which of the following statements, in the context of computerised accounting systems, is NOT true?

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A small company's computer system comprises five desktop personal computers located in separate offices linked together in an intranet within the same building. The computers are not connected to the Internet and employees are not allowed to take storage media into or out of the building. Information which the business' owner wishes to keep confidential to herself is stored in one of the computers.

Which of the following statements can be concluded from this information?

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Gordon works in the accounts department of a retail business. He and his colleagues are looking at the sales figures for various types of clothing. The director asks them to use exception reporting to summarise their findings.

Which of the following correctly defines the concept of 'exception reporting' within a business context?

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All of the following, except one, are tasks that can be performed by spreadsheet software. Which is the exception?

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Which of the following statements about accounting information is NOT correct?

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All the following, with one exception, are examples of advantages of a computer-based accounting system over a manual system. Which statement is the exception?

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All the following statements, except one, describe the relationship between data and information.

Which is the exception?

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Joseph has just started his first job in an accountancy department. A qualified senior member of staff explains to him what the main aim of accounting is.

Which of the following options is the correct aim of accounting?

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Which of the following is NOT part of the regulatory system?

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