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These are ACCA F1 (BT/FBT) Business and Technology MCQs for Chapter 3, The macro-economic environment.

These MCQs are designed in a way that students could better understand the exam format and get used to practice online. This approach will reduce exam stress and enable students to prepare better.

We request the students, Not to solve the MCQs until they have finished the chapter.

All the questions are compulsory, so do not skip any.


Course: ACCA
Fundamental Level: Knowledge, FIA
Subject: Business And Technology
Paper: F1 – BT
Chapter: The macro-economic environment
Chapter Number: 3 of the Practice and Exam Kit
Syllabus Area: A – The business organization, its stakeholders, and the external environment
Questions Type: MCQs
Exam Section: Section A

Number of the Questions

These MCQs Test consist of 14 Questions that covers the Chapter 3, The macro-economic environment of ACCA F1 (BT) Business and Technology Module.


These MCQs have a timer. Students have to finish the Test within the given time period so Students can get used to finishing the Exam within the Time Deadline.
As in ACCA Exam, there are 1.8 minutes per mark. So each 2 marks question have 3.6 minutes to complete.
This Test includes some MCQs that worth 2 marks and some worth 1 Mark. We therefore giving an average time to complete the Test.
This Test has 14 questions, so Students have total 28 minutes to complete the Test.


Students can see their result at the end of the test. Further, the correct and wrong questions. Moreover, the explanation of wrong questions.

Types of Questions

MCQs: Choose one from the given options.
Multiple choice: Choose all those answers which seems to you correct/ or incorrect, as per the requirement of the question. Keep your eye on the wording “(select all those which are correct/ or incorrect)“.
Drop down: Select from the list provided.
Type numbers: Type your answer in numbers as per the requirement of the question.

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F1 - Chapter 3 - The macro-economic environment

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If a government has a macro-economic policy objective of expanding the overall level of economic activity, which of the following measures would NOT be consistent with such an objective?

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Are the following statements true or false?

Statement 1: Frictional unemployment will be short term
Statement 2: Governments can encourage labour mobility if they want to reduce unemployment

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Which of the following organisations would benefit from a period of high price inflation?

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Northland, Southland, Eastland and Westland are four countries of Asia. The following economic statistics have been produced for the year 20X7.

Capture F1 (BT) - Chapter 3 MCQ's (The macro-economic environment) - ACCA Business Students Platform

Which country experienced stagflation in the relevant period?

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Which of the following is NOT an element of fiscal policy?

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Which THREE of the following are the goals of macroeconomic policy?

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All of the following except one are 'protectionist measures' in international trade.

Which is the exception?

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.................................. economic growth is determined by supply-side rather than by demand side factors.

Which word correctly completes this statement?

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A surplus on the balance of payments usually refers to a surplus or deficit on the ............................ account.

Which word correctly complete this statement?

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The currency in country X is the Krone while country Y uses the Euro. Country Y has recently experienced an increase in its exchange rate with Country X.

Which of the following effects would result in Country Y?

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........................ taxes are collected by the Revenue authority from a business, which attempts to pass on the tax to consumers in the price of goods.

Which word correctly completes this statement?

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Which of the following is an example of cyclical unemployment?

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Which TWO of the following does government economic monetary policy relate to?

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Which of the following is associated with a negative Public Sector Net Cash Requirement?

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